i like

This is a random, perpetually revisable list of stuff I dig

my old Nike Rifts

my new car

Little Britain America – I did not think they’d make the transition, but it is still horribly offensive, and insanely hilarious.

True Blood (thank you HBO, I was a bit at a loss since the end of the Sopranos)

cuisinart immersion blender

skulls (see here)

madrid birkenstock sandals

a good pedicure (especially here) not anymore, am looking for new mani-pedi heaven

PB’s deep voice

my blackberry

the smell of HRH’s belly

food processors

le creuset pots (especially old one found at flea markets and on Ebay)

all clad pans

nice silverware (flea markets again)

white sheets

crossword puzzles

tooth floss

historical murder mysteries

stripes & polka dots

swedish furniture

MI-5: not the British security service, but the brilliant bbc series about the british security service. gadgets, spies, and counter-terrorisim. all in a 52 minute package. brilliant.

my ice-cream maker


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