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Horse of love

His ties, my scarves, our books.


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at least it’s not contagious

HRH and i have allergies. she’s been snoring up a storm and sneezing violently. ditto for me, except i also have itchy and swollen eyes, whereas she still looks perfectly normal. i am taking claritin, she’s on anti-biotics (bc she may have some infection as part of the allergies – better safe than sorry with an 11-year old dog).

her allergies don’t keep her from going about her business, rooting around the fields for gross stuff to eat, lying around the house looking for sunshine, and pickin egg-shells off the kitchen floor, whereas i have to wait for the claritin and caffeeine to kick in. noway can i concentrate on 19th C agricultural tarriffs with my brains up my nose.

good news: i got a new pair of jeans (present from friend) – and on that note, let me plug some more jeans: for the ample bottomed among us, may i recommend red engine & david kahn jeans? and the ever reliable joe’s honey cut, which i won’t give up even with massive holes in it (must replace).

gala out – i need some advil.

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