UPDATE: still city-bound, but now engaged married to boyfriend in the countryside!!!

CURRENTLY: Country gal re-transplanted (under duress) to the city.  Just finished a book which she is now furiously shopping around, crossing fingers it will get published Revising introduction of book before sending into production – chances of being voted off the island of academe still high despite publication, since she works at a public university in the completely broke state of California. Not so concerned about that anymore though.  She still has the faithful dog and the lovely boyfriend has become a lovely husband.

PREVIOUSLY: City gal transplanted to the middle of a vineyard in Oregon, following love with her faithful dog in tow. Finishing a book while gazing at maturing grapes, green leaves of oak tree in front of her office and the belly of said dog under her desk. Idyllic as this seems, there are many distractions in these fields, and this blog will trace gal and dog’s adventures in book writing, wine tasting, cheese eating and jeans shopping in the middle of Oregon.


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