post – thanksgiving hangover

We caravanned in two cars down I-5 yesteday,  for seven brain-numbing hours in post-thxgiving traffic. He with the kids, I with the dog.  He and I were crushed with exhaustion upon arrival, the other 3 passengers were ready for walks, dinner, more walks and some games.

Did I mention I caught a cold over the holiday?

So this morning I woke up groggily to HRH whining, which usually means she wants breakfast.  She was not the only one whining, so he dealt with the humans whiners and I tackled the breakfast for the canine one.

In the middle of this chaos (our place is very tiny), I thought it a good idea to pop into the bathroom to unplug my oh-so-painfully clogged nose. HRH was eating, and therefore not whining, and himself was apparently successfully handling the humans. Midway through my neti-pot routinge, HRH pops he head into the bathroom, whines mournfully, turns he back to me, and relieves herself of the cause of all that whining.

It was not pee.

There I was with a nose dripping saline water and snot, a dog shitting in the hall, and two children who would very soon have something real to complain about.

We disposed of the mess quickly and I lit 18 of  sticks incense.  And the rest of the day has been spent trying to erase the experience from my memory. And since I’ve shared the worst of my day, let me share the best of it.   It may not actually help you recover from the trauma, but it helped me… Because, oh, look – SHOES! (memory erased)


Aren’t these just lovely?  I am not a big fan of pink, but this is hot pink, and the shoes are more kickass than dainty, so they totally qualify as shoes-i-covet.  They’re from  No stores on this side of the US, but they sell online!





These are by Fiorenti & Baker, and I have loved them since the first time I saw them.  I don’t do so well on heels, but I would sacrifice balance for beauty. I luuuurve them.






This is a more sensible choice from Fiorentini & Baker. Still, I think my legs may not be long enough for this model. But the green color makes me swoon…







If they made this model in green, I’d have a hard time not going into debt for them.  Side zip, back laces for calf comfort, low heel, and totally not dainty but also not over the top buckles and biker look. In other words, the perfect pair of boots.




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  1. weezy

    took a hint and read. Heel leuk meisje. what a day, a year, a life its been…..

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