we are on the mothership

Perhaps it is more accurate to say we are on the parentship. or the parents-in-lawship.  Either way, we are here. HRH and I, the PB and his little people, all of us in a house sans wi-fi.  I am hooked up to the one (one!)  internet cable, making do with the upload speed I had circa 1998.

Perhaps it is just as well.  Because if I have to continue getting emails from unsatisfied and ornery students, inefficient administrators and sundry gossipers, I am probably better off in the silence of the wi-fi less.

Tomorrow there will be much cooking, and talking, and walking of the dog to avoid having her in the kitchen, and more cooking and then eating.  My idea of a great Thursday!

I leave you with a picture of HRH, oblivious to anything and everything around her. Lucky dog.

I am thankful to her for showing me that sometimes things really are better if you just don’t care so much about them, for demonstrating that it is always worthwhile to hang around until the last bite has been eaten, and that there is no such thing as a place that is not fit to pee.

May you have much to be thankful for, and many people to share it with. Happy Thanksgiving!



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