pre-thanksgiving preparations

When you live in the US long enough, eventually the Thanksgiving cook/shop/stress mantra gets under your skin. I have cooked a lot today, and I attempted to shop, and the lack of success in the shopping expedition may well cause stress. Tadaaa! Trifecta!!

I just had to run into the kitchen – whence strange noises came.  HRH, head first into the garbage bag – she has eaten a batch of old brussels sprouts, left-over bulgur and only she knows what else. This is going to be a smelly night.

And now, the reveal. Below a picture of myself in a changing room at Old Navy (vanity sizing is de rigueur these days), trying to get the iPhone camera to take a picture of my butt and see if those jeans made my ass look fat.  Oh the lengths we’ll  go.

I thought they looked good, at least I thought that quarter of ass I managed to take a picture of looked passable. But then I walked away. Better lose the butt than shop for it.



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