There is something so very very wrong

This is a post from my friend’s blog

She has had quite possibly THE WORST year ever.  Sometimes people fall in a rut of bad luck, but Chandi’s luck would test the patience of even the most saintly person.  Read her experiences in Italy, when she almost died of peritonitis.  Read about her divorce. And read about her relentless efforts at facing each and every struggle with the most open of minds and hearts.

But her latest struggle, this time with the US health care system may very well be the last straw.  This system is failing so colossally in providing its citizens with a humane and decent level of care.   Something needs to change – for Chandi, and for every one of us.

And in other blood-curdling news, the new recommendations on breast cancer screenings are downright absurd – breast self-exams are no longer recommended? Screenings delayed by 10 years?  Just because there’s a risk of over diagnosis??? How about spending more time and money on fine-tuning the diagnostics? How about continuing to develop more precise treatments depending on the increasingly precise diagnostics?  But none of these advances will do us much good if we find the cancer too late – which it seems is what this “panel of experts” is suggesting we do.

Suck it, experts. I will keep checking myself, and I hope you, dear readers do too.  Listen to Dr. Jack Black!

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  1. Oh you’re such a DEAR! Finally read this post! Thank you deeply, for your compassion. It will get better, especially with a friend like you in the world! 😉

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