wet, cold w-e in Oregon

In other words – exactly what I like!

There was a lot of wine involved, but that isn’t why it was a good w-e.  I LOVE this colder weather, flannel sheets and ice cold tap water.  I love the dead leaves and the birds migrating, stopping in the trees in our fields. And I love walking through Portland on cool autumn afternoons, with a hat on my head and my boyfriend’s hand in mine.

It’s back to the salt-mines tonight, no more Oregon until Dec 15th.

In the meantime, a few tips for the upcoming Thxgiving bachanalia:

1) don’t go see “an education” on Friday after Thxgiving – no matter what the critics say – it’s depressing, poorly scripted, vaguely acted, and the ick factor is high. 2012, as idiotic as it seems, is probably a better bet.

2) load up on zantac, prilosec or mylanta : these holidays play havoc on one’s digestive system, please mind yourself.

3) purell, purell, purell. wash your hands, hydrate your sinuses, and drink tea. avoid snifflers, coughers and sneezers, and get enough sleep.

4) when in doubt, have champagne. it goes with everything.



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