oh HI!

It’s been a long time I know, and I will endeavour to change this.  But first and for now, in case you haven’t yet, you MUST, you simply must head on over to the bottom of this post, click on it, and prepare for  Lady Gaga’s latest video.  I am sure that if you’ve been to a bar/club/party/high school over the last month this is old news to you, but news reaches us old farts slowly.*

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a video and  been engaged by the visuals. I don’t watch many videos because, well, being an old fart, I was alive when MTV was born and spent my teens watching videos, all of them, from the ridiculous (Taylor Dane writing – and I loved her!) to the sublime (Peter Gabriel Bocaccio inspired Sledgehammer, the classic Thriller) and everything in between (and anything Madonna was in). I used to watch MTV while ironing.  Now I don’t even know where MTV is on my TV.Come to think, where IS my TV? And MTV does not have a feed on hulu.com, so I am 100% out of the video loop.

But this one, this Lady Gaga Bad Romance video, has exploded – and it’s on every website and blog I visit.  I am vaguely embarrassed for being a very late comer to the trend. But then again, I am not 23.

The video is an product placement exercise of such glorious proportions you can’t hold it against the Lady, who does this sort of thing all the time anyway.  I don’t mind at all, since she is all about the Fame, even as she subverts and questions all our assumptions about what fame in this post-Michael Jackson/Madonna/John&Kate apocalypse  is based on. Academics aside, it’s the aesthetics that hooked me.  The strange pods and creatures that climb out of them in the “Bath Haus of Gaga” (she does love her gays), the amazing golden netting on her nails and her signature great Dane, the impossible fashion, some of the moves that are straight out of a Michael Jackson video, the gold chin strap on the hunky model, and finally, finally, the fire breathing bra and the incinerated body of her bad romance. Je veux ton amour and je veux ta revanche she sings en français.  Tous ce que tu veux ma petite, just keep this up and I may find my way back to MTV.

On the off chance you are even less hip than I, enjoy. And don’t covet those shoes, vertebrae or her sheer chutzpah too much. Just enjoy.



*I found out about this video from Nancy Rommelmann’s blog.  If you don’t know her blog but care about journalism, good writing, Oregon, politics, excellent coffee and now Lady Gaga, head on over there.


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