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post – thanksgiving hangover

We caravanned in two cars down I-5 yesteday,  for seven brain-numbing hours in post-thxgiving traffic. He with the kids, I with the dog.  He and I were crushed with exhaustion upon arrival, the other 3 passengers were ready for walks, dinner, more walks and some games.

Did I mention I caught a cold over the holiday?

So this morning I woke up groggily to HRH whining, which usually means she wants breakfast.  She was not the only one whining, so he dealt with the humans whiners and I tackled the breakfast for the canine one.

In the middle of this chaos (our place is very tiny), I thought it a good idea to pop into the bathroom to unplug my oh-so-painfully clogged nose. HRH was eating, and therefore not whining, and himself was apparently successfully handling the humans. Midway through my neti-pot routinge, HRH pops he head into the bathroom, whines mournfully, turns he back to me, and relieves herself of the cause of all that whining.

It was not pee.

There I was with a nose dripping saline water and snot, a dog shitting in the hall, and two children who would very soon have something real to complain about.

We disposed of the mess quickly and I lit 18 of  sticks incense.  And the rest of the day has been spent trying to erase the experience from my memory. And since I’ve shared the worst of my day, let me share the best of it.   It may not actually help you recover from the trauma, but it helped me… Because, oh, look – SHOES! (memory erased)


Aren’t these just lovely?  I am not a big fan of pink, but this is hot pink, and the shoes are more kickass than dainty, so they totally qualify as shoes-i-covet.  They’re from  No stores on this side of the US, but they sell online!





These are by Fiorenti & Baker, and I have loved them since the first time I saw them.  I don’t do so well on heels, but I would sacrifice balance for beauty. I luuuurve them.






This is a more sensible choice from Fiorentini & Baker. Still, I think my legs may not be long enough for this model. But the green color makes me swoon…







If they made this model in green, I’d have a hard time not going into debt for them.  Side zip, back laces for calf comfort, low heel, and totally not dainty but also not over the top buckles and biker look. In other words, the perfect pair of boots.




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what i did today

That fluorescent pink pot – that’s a very nice soup. The big pot with the lid, that a big vegetable stew, and to the left of the picture, that’s my head attached t my body, with an arm stomping away at a pot of potatoes and cream and butter.

And believe it or not, I am feeling a bit hungry now and may just sneak into the kitchen for just one tiny little sliver of pumpkin pie…

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we are on the mothership

Perhaps it is more accurate to say we are on the parentship. or the parents-in-lawship.  Either way, we are here. HRH and I, the PB and his little people, all of us in a house sans wi-fi.  I am hooked up to the one (one!)  internet cable, making do with the upload speed I had circa 1998.

Perhaps it is just as well.  Because if I have to continue getting emails from unsatisfied and ornery students, inefficient administrators and sundry gossipers, I am probably better off in the silence of the wi-fi less.

Tomorrow there will be much cooking, and talking, and walking of the dog to avoid having her in the kitchen, and more cooking and then eating.  My idea of a great Thursday!

I leave you with a picture of HRH, oblivious to anything and everything around her. Lucky dog.

I am thankful to her for showing me that sometimes things really are better if you just don’t care so much about them, for demonstrating that it is always worthwhile to hang around until the last bite has been eaten, and that there is no such thing as a place that is not fit to pee.

May you have much to be thankful for, and many people to share it with. Happy Thanksgiving!


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pre-thanksgiving preparations

When you live in the US long enough, eventually the Thanksgiving cook/shop/stress mantra gets under your skin. I have cooked a lot today, and I attempted to shop, and the lack of success in the shopping expedition may well cause stress. Tadaaa! Trifecta!!

I just had to run into the kitchen – whence strange noises came.  HRH, head first into the garbage bag – she has eaten a batch of old brussels sprouts, left-over bulgur and only she knows what else. This is going to be a smelly night.

And now, the reveal. Below a picture of myself in a changing room at Old Navy (vanity sizing is de rigueur these days), trying to get the iPhone camera to take a picture of my butt and see if those jeans made my ass look fat.  Oh the lengths we’ll  go.

I thought they looked good, at least I thought that quarter of ass I managed to take a picture of looked passable. But then I walked away. Better lose the butt than shop for it.


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There is something so very very wrong

This is a post from my friend’s blog

She has had quite possibly THE WORST year ever.  Sometimes people fall in a rut of bad luck, but Chandi’s luck would test the patience of even the most saintly person.  Read her experiences in Italy, when she almost died of peritonitis.  Read about her divorce. And read about her relentless efforts at facing each and every struggle with the most open of minds and hearts.

But her latest struggle, this time with the US health care system may very well be the last straw.  This system is failing so colossally in providing its citizens with a humane and decent level of care.   Something needs to change – for Chandi, and for every one of us.

And in other blood-curdling news, the new recommendations on breast cancer screenings are downright absurd – breast self-exams are no longer recommended? Screenings delayed by 10 years?  Just because there’s a risk of over diagnosis??? How about spending more time and money on fine-tuning the diagnostics? How about continuing to develop more precise treatments depending on the increasingly precise diagnostics?  But none of these advances will do us much good if we find the cancer too late – which it seems is what this “panel of experts” is suggesting we do.

Suck it, experts. I will keep checking myself, and I hope you, dear readers do too.  Listen to Dr. Jack Black!

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wet, cold w-e in Oregon

In other words – exactly what I like!

There was a lot of wine involved, but that isn’t why it was a good w-e.  I LOVE this colder weather, flannel sheets and ice cold tap water.  I love the dead leaves and the birds migrating, stopping in the trees in our fields. And I love walking through Portland on cool autumn afternoons, with a hat on my head and my boyfriend’s hand in mine.

It’s back to the salt-mines tonight, no more Oregon until Dec 15th.

In the meantime, a few tips for the upcoming Thxgiving bachanalia:

1) don’t go see “an education” on Friday after Thxgiving – no matter what the critics say – it’s depressing, poorly scripted, vaguely acted, and the ick factor is high. 2012, as idiotic as it seems, is probably a better bet.

2) load up on zantac, prilosec or mylanta : these holidays play havoc on one’s digestive system, please mind yourself.

3) purell, purell, purell. wash your hands, hydrate your sinuses, and drink tea. avoid snifflers, coughers and sneezers, and get enough sleep.

4) when in doubt, have champagne. it goes with everything.


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oh HI!

It’s been a long time I know, and I will endeavour to change this.  But first and for now, in case you haven’t yet, you MUST, you simply must head on over to the bottom of this post, click on it, and prepare for  Lady Gaga’s latest video.  I am sure that if you’ve been to a bar/club/party/high school over the last month this is old news to you, but news reaches us old farts slowly.*

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a video and  been engaged by the visuals. I don’t watch many videos because, well, being an old fart, I was alive when MTV was born and spent my teens watching videos, all of them, from the ridiculous (Taylor Dane writing – and I loved her!) to the sublime (Peter Gabriel Bocaccio inspired Sledgehammer, the classic Thriller) and everything in between (and anything Madonna was in). I used to watch MTV while ironing.  Now I don’t even know where MTV is on my TV.Come to think, where IS my TV? And MTV does not have a feed on, so I am 100% out of the video loop.

But this one, this Lady Gaga Bad Romance video, has exploded – and it’s on every website and blog I visit.  I am vaguely embarrassed for being a very late comer to the trend. But then again, I am not 23.

The video is an product placement exercise of such glorious proportions you can’t hold it against the Lady, who does this sort of thing all the time anyway.  I don’t mind at all, since she is all about the Fame, even as she subverts and questions all our assumptions about what fame in this post-Michael Jackson/Madonna/John&Kate apocalypse  is based on. Academics aside, it’s the aesthetics that hooked me.  The strange pods and creatures that climb out of them in the “Bath Haus of Gaga” (she does love her gays), the amazing golden netting on her nails and her signature great Dane, the impossible fashion, some of the moves that are straight out of a Michael Jackson video, the gold chin strap on the hunky model, and finally, finally, the fire breathing bra and the incinerated body of her bad romance. Je veux ton amour and je veux ta revanche she sings en français.  Tous ce que tu veux ma petite, just keep this up and I may find my way back to MTV.

On the off chance you are even less hip than I, enjoy. And don’t covet those shoes, vertebrae or her sheer chutzpah too much. Just enjoy.



*I found out about this video from Nancy Rommelmann’s blog.  If you don’t know her blog but care about journalism, good writing, Oregon, politics, excellent coffee and now Lady Gaga, head on over there.

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