inspirationally challenged

i woke up to what sounded like gun shots

then i ran down to the street to make sure i had hung the parkng permit on my car

yesterday i gave a homeless man $20 – he wore braces on his teenth – he was obvioulsy newly homeless. and it was raining.

HRH had a tumor biposied – still waiting for results

i am having lunch and dinner with friends, and both dates will require approx 1 hour of driving to and from

my friend A is turning 40 tomorrow

50% of my students failed the midterm

True Blood still isn’t out on DVD

hard to focus on one cogent paragraph when all this is floating around my brain at 9 am. i blame the gunshot wake-up.  although i suspect the sound came from the construction site 2 blocks away, and had nothing to do with guns…


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