25 things that are not random but are entirely about me

Facebook is the new meme producer.  I was tagged with this “25 random things about me” task, which my friend C more accurately described as “25 things that are not random but are about me” (she inspired today’s title, she is way good at those things).

In order to shake things up a bit and not let the dearth in posting run completely dry here at galainoregon, I reproduce my list for your enjoyment.  For the American grammaticists among you, I was taught English by the English, and consequently spell that past tense of irregular verbs such as LEARN with a T.  You say learnED. I say learnT. Let’s call the whole thing off.

1. I like making lists, but not necessarily this kind.
2. I met the man of my life at the Newark airport luggage carousel.
3. I vacillate between wanting to change the world and wanting to change my world.
4. I have never learnt how to play chess.
5. I like True Blood on HBO.  I really like it.
6. I wonder what Graham Greene would have written about our current world.
7. Pinot over merlot, sour over sweet, dark over milk, but tea AND coffee, no compromises.
8. I’d rather wear sneakers.
9. Sundays are for the NYT x-word puzzle.
10. My mom and I once dreamed of owning a bookstore together.
11. My grandmother was a great gardener and I am sorry I did not inherit that trait from her.
12. My dad speaks 6 languages, and I did inherit that trait from him.
13. I miss my best friend.
14. I care about manners and grammar (perhaps more than I should).
15. I learnt to swim in Rio.
16. I learnt to drive in Brussels.
17. I like royalty cookie tins, miniature Atomiums, polka dots and stripes, and skulls (but not real ones).
18. I would like to spend one year in Sweden, and then another year in Japan.
19. My desk is always quite messy.
20. I am still deliberating over an iTouch vs a new iPod. Help!
21. I am wedded and committed to my Blackberry.
22. For an historian I have a pretty bad memory.
23. I read maps quite well, but give very bad directions (confuse Left and Right).
24. I just finished writing a book.
25. I love skype, facebook, email and anything else that makes distances smaller.



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2 responses to “25 things that are not random but are entirely about me

  1. bruno

    I wish I could agree with you about Facebook………
    I quit , I am dis-activated- unplugged………..

  2. galainoregon

    that’s because you are addicted to skype… not such a luddite after all, are you? glad to see you here tho!

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