and now, the washing machine

I left Oregon, land of vast expanses, clean air and wonderful boyfriend for Los Angeles, city of crammed apartments, definitely not clean air, and occasional visits to and from the boyfriend.  I also left an LG washer dryer set that noone, and I mean noone, should be without.  I imagine other brands are just as good, but it must be front loading, high efficiency, quiet and capable of cleaning a silk blouse and drying cotton sheets without destroying either.

For the first 4 months of my California return, I shlepped 17 pounds of dirty laundry to my nearest fluff ‘n fold. As long as I could not fit a stackable unit in our rather small one-BR, their machines washed my undies. This is not how I prefer it to be.

Now LG has come to my rescue again : a beautiful, compact, washer/dryer combination, it is 24 inches wide, and I can wash large towels and not so tiny undies. And then, when they are clean, that same machines dries it all!  It’s like a domestic plug and play machine – hooked up to the water faucets, plugged into the power outlet and voila! I have been washing clothes (and drying them ) all week-end. And to finish off this inauguration (a new President, a new washing machine!), I ironed in front of the TV hoping for a True Blood rerun on HBO. I did not get the rerun, but I have a lot of clean and ironed clothes.

And now you know of my predilection for ironing and vampire stories. I am laid bare (albeit in clean clothes).

ps: as if I could top this home appliance bonanza, the most lovely PB was in town this week-end and bought a coffee maker. I can’t handle the mess of the French press anymore (with my apologies to the purists), and if I can figure out how to program the new machine, I’ll have freshly brewed coffee before I even wake up.



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2 responses to “and now, the washing machine

  1. Sylla

    Will you come and iron my panties?

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