we interrupt the interruption in posts with a vignette from life in west hollywood

sorry readers, i’ve been away. not away as in not home, just away, as in not writing.  teaching, publishing, stuff – it gets in the way.

the vignette has also become this week’s racist experience,  mentionable largely on the heels of proposition 8 and all the hullaballoo, not to mention traffic, it has caused in LA.  and so, the event:

this week, on a morning stroll with the princess, a middle-aged gay gentleman from my block rushes over to me hurriedly, asking if i have seen a tabby cat.  “tommy” has gone missing.  i enquire as to this cat’s habits, and apparently tommy is an outdoor cat, one who never misses a meal however.   my neighbor is concerned bc tommy is not coming when called.  i suggest he might have taken a new girlfriend and will show up when the honeymoon is over.

my neighbor winces and visible frowns at the possibility: nonono tommy is not like that (i wonder, like “that” as in “tommy’s not into girlfriends? honeymoons? what??)

and he continues –  “but i am worried.  i don’t trust this neighborhood anymore.  so many chinamen.  i worry they might be eating him.”

[ jaw drops]

[pick jaw off the side walk]

[proceed with walk, walking away from racist neighbor]

and this concludes this week’s vignette. that is all.


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