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The world is in chaos, thousands in Gaza are living in the ruins of their bombed homes, 62 thousand trillion people will lose their jobs this year and what am I blogging about?

My washing machine.

And a cleaner for the drug cartels in Sinaloa, Mexico admitted to disposing of 300 bodies in acid, the State of California still doesn’t have a budget and can’t afford tax refunds, and what am I mad about today?

The ugly windows that are being installed in my living room at this moment. At the rate they’re going, the job will be finished by approx 10 pm.

New (ugly) windows installed by slow workmen in my living room versus no windows not installed in any room of bombed out and no longer existent home.

Someone needs a reality check.


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and now, the washing machine

I left Oregon, land of vast expanses, clean air and wonderful boyfriend for Los Angeles, city of crammed apartments, definitely not clean air, and occasional visits to and from the boyfriend.  I also left an LG washer dryer set that noone, and I mean noone, should be without.  I imagine other brands are just as good, but it must be front loading, high efficiency, quiet and capable of cleaning a silk blouse and drying cotton sheets without destroying either.

For the first 4 months of my California return, I shlepped 17 pounds of dirty laundry to my nearest fluff ‘n fold. As long as I could not fit a stackable unit in our rather small one-BR, their machines washed my undies. This is not how I prefer it to be.

Now LG has come to my rescue again : a beautiful, compact, washer/dryer combination, it is 24 inches wide, and I can wash large towels and not so tiny undies. And then, when they are clean, that same machines dries it all!  It’s like a domestic plug and play machine – hooked up to the water faucets, plugged into the power outlet and voila! I have been washing clothes (and drying them ) all week-end. And to finish off this inauguration (a new President, a new washing machine!), I ironed in front of the TV hoping for a True Blood rerun on HBO. I did not get the rerun, but I have a lot of clean and ironed clothes.

And now you know of my predilection for ironing and vampire stories. I am laid bare (albeit in clean clothes).

ps: as if I could top this home appliance bonanza, the most lovely PB was in town this week-end and bought a coffee maker. I can’t handle the mess of the French press anymore (with my apologies to the purists), and if I can figure out how to program the new machine, I’ll have freshly brewed coffee before I even wake up.


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we interrupt the interruption in posts with a vignette from life in west hollywood

sorry readers, i’ve been away. not away as in not home, just away, as in not writing.  teaching, publishing, stuff – it gets in the way.

the vignette has also become this week’s racist experience,  mentionable largely on the heels of proposition 8 and all the hullaballoo, not to mention traffic, it has caused in LA.  and so, the event:

this week, on a morning stroll with the princess, a middle-aged gay gentleman from my block rushes over to me hurriedly, asking if i have seen a tabby cat.  “tommy” has gone missing.  i enquire as to this cat’s habits, and apparently tommy is an outdoor cat, one who never misses a meal however.   my neighbor is concerned bc tommy is not coming when called.  i suggest he might have taken a new girlfriend and will show up when the honeymoon is over.

my neighbor winces and visible frowns at the possibility: nonono tommy is not like that (i wonder, like “that” as in “tommy’s not into girlfriends? honeymoons? what??)

and he continues –  “but i am worried.  i don’t trust this neighborhood anymore.  so many chinamen.  i worry they might be eating him.”

[ jaw drops]

[pick jaw off the side walk]

[proceed with walk, walking away from racist neighbor]

and this concludes this week’s vignette. that is all.

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