what blogs mean to me

it means i get to read nancy rommelman‘s musings about life, thoughts that feel so close to exactly what i am thinking and feeling right now


it means i get to share meals without eating them, and compare recipes without cooking, and inspire myself from the imaginary smells of pots in other people’s kitchens




and rejoice when these same known-only-through-their-blogs cooks share their engagement news


or when dooce tells the world in her way that she is pregant again

http://dooce.com/2008/11/19/internet-im-craving-doritos, and then see that more than 3000 people have commented.  3000!!!!
thanks you internets (and all the other blogs about serious, fun, political and edible stuff i read that i can’t tag today).

and thank you nancy, i don’t know you, but i feel like i should. that was a great post – and i forgive you for the serious cravings i have now for anything from the momofuku empire-of-best-foods-ever.


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