it will come as no surprise to my readers, that i am having hard time juggling teaching, other academic duties and blogging.  i am actually finding it impossible to do what i must do and some of what i like to do.  for example – i have not really cooked anything in months.  unless you count making hummus and boiling pasta cooking. i have also not blogged anything in weeks, another sure sign of something.

the days are simply not long enough, and the tasks of the day/week/moment are so incredibly demanding and immediate and deadening that i can simply not conjure up enough energy to make a simple but satisfying meal.  i could argue that in LA there are about a million places where you can get a satisfying meal without cooking it yourself, but you all know i like to cook, so if i am not cooking, something is amiss.

adding to the professional pains in the rear, her royal highness is showing very obvious signs of ageing.  i’ll spare you there revolting details, but let me just say i suspect she is losing control of some vital functions, and it ain’t pretty.  i just want her to have a quick and comfortable end, and so far she seems happy enough to walk a block, poop and come home, wheezing all the way up the stairs, then taking a nap until the next time i rouse her for a short walk. such is the life of the senior citizen.  but i did not like seeing my grandmother waste away, and i am not enjoying seeing her highness’ slow decline.

all is not shite – yesterday i had an amazing meal at an amazing ethipopian restaurant.  the memory of the food has been the bright spot of this day. also, we are off to mexico next week where we will spend thanksgiving day climbing pyramids.  i am very happy about that. and not to completely lose track of what really matters, i got a cool pair of castañer sandals on sale.

and last but not least, gala in oregon has joined the hordes of elderly fatties at curves – that is right, i am a curves girl.  never mind the mildly annoying christian message (lose pounds and find jesus,  puh-lease), or the very annoying cheeriness of the “trainers”, this place is a 3 minute walk from where i live, i am by no means the fattest, oldest or least in shape, which feels good (in a pathetic way) and gets me back there. and they have an abba soundtrack.  i will totally forgive them their religious fitness dogma as long as i can do it to sound of dancing queen.

disco once again saves the day.


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