Totally awesome

today i walked 5K for my friend claire and for all of us who would like to kick cancer to the curb.

thousands of awesome people, Komen Race for the Cure, P'land2008

it is a rare occasion when you feel like you can actually DO something against a disease that so often made me feel so useless and helpless.  and it is completely awesome when you can do that with seven totally amazing women and friends, who together joined you to raise almost $4000 dollars, and woke up at the crack of dawn after working till late, or after dropping off a daughter on the other side of town, or after driving on hour, and hiked 5K though a rather cold and clammy portland morning with about 45 THOUSAND other awesome people.

more awesome people

more awesome people

am i using the word awesome a bit too much? no.  this was AWESOME. it can’t bring her back, but she’d have liked this.

i miss you

i miss you


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One response to “Totally awesome

  1. Weezy

    Kick c. to the curb!!!
    Kick c. to the curb!!!
    Kick c. to the curb!!!

    But it’ll be about 3 years tooo late….

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