i am back and Jacques Brel says HI!

please forgive the long hiatus.  i was travelling. actually, WE were travelling.  the lovely PB and i took or first vacation ever.  and it was the best vacation EVER. no seriously.  i love the family vacation at the caribbean, but one week in a flat european country with my baby trumps all the beach-side margaritas. ferrealz.

we walked and i had the best pepper steak ever  here:



and we walked (not biked) here

Brugge street

Brugge street

and we visited here

Atomium + sun

Atomium + sun

it was august in belgium, so we had sun on one day – which made the giant atom look particularly awesome, as did the people zippering off the tallest ball.  i guess when you live in a country where the sky looks like a dirty washcloth most of the time, you have to get your kicks somehow, and why not zipper down a very high, very shiny aluminum structure? the weather might also explain the belgian talent at making food that makes you forget the weather.   The chocolates that were in this bag, but did not stay there very long, are jsut that type of chocolates…

heaven in a bag

heaven in a bag

i know – the picture is quite crap, but that’s as much as i could muster after about 18 bottles of maes pils, or what felt like that many the next morning…

and now I am back in the land of ashlee simpson and sarah palin and trying not to get too discouraged by the impending 1000 mile trek back to work.  gala in oregon will temporarily relocate physically, but her heart will remain in oregon, so while the next weeks may be full of posts about preparations for traveling long distances with geriatric dogs and the last of the summer’s tomatoes, i will also regale you with walk for the cure 2008.  5K for the cure – not much by an athlete’s standard, but plenty for our team of seven.

but first i need a new pair of trainers – anyone have a favorite? The nike shox with the funny heel bumps is beckoning:


but i await recommendations from you, oh internets.


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