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on a country lane, this sunday afternoon

the car was parked on the side of my road. there were two people in it – i saw their outline clearly from the bend in the road, a quarter mile or so away. it looked like they might be lost, or unsure of where to go, many week-end visitors to this valley get lost in the tangle of roads with no name and vineyards. i was driving home and slowed down as i neared the parked car. it would be easy to stop by the side of their car, roll down my window and ask if i could help.

in the nanosecond that i was window-to-window with the car, a station-wagon of some sort, the woman sitting in the passenger seat- mid 50’s, short unfashionable brown bob haircut, sleeveless shell or shift dress, pale – turned and slapped the man in the driver seat. she threw her arm at his face with such force that he flinched towards the window and i gasped. the last thing i saw was the large O of her mouth and the sour anger in her eyes.

i heard nothing.

all i saw was that and the creeping bald-spot and the short-sleeve shirt of the man.  i drove up the hill and  in the rear-view mirror saw that she was still leaning into him.

i hope by now they are sitting in a nice café. i hope she apologized for her outburst and he apologized for whatever caused it. i hope they are smiling at each other and saying – ohmygod we are such drama queens, thanks for sticking with me, i love you – but i don’t think so.


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on being exceedingly hot

and i don’t mean hot like the PB, i mean as in it’s a gazillion degrees here.

so hot you sweat even under a cold shower, so hot the night was almost unbearable, so hot Her Highness has not stopped panting all day. in fact, i have been panting too. other people are complaining miserably , i am staying sweaty, but happy. after the two winters we had this year (winter started in october 07 and ended around may 28th 08 ) i can take this heat and i welcome it.

this heat means : TOMATOES! it means happy vines (and yummy wines), it means meteorologically and medically recommended laziness and hydration by any means (i vote for micheladas – see the kitchen section for instructions) – these are the dog-days of summer we hungered for in april, so bring them on!  however, i did not survive a year in yucatan without learning some lessons on how to make this heat more pleasant, so here are a few:

  • drink lots of liquids – lukewarm sweet mint tea, water with a sqeeze of lime, ice cold diet-cokes, micheladas
  • eat cold fruit and veggies – watermelon, peaches, frozen berries, cold cucumbers (slices of which feel very good over sleep-deprived puffy eyes)
  • down gallons of gazpacho (see kitchen section)
  • sleep in a hammock if possible
  • take a wet bandana or sheet and wrap yourself in it – particularly good at night
  • let it slide: there is literally no reason to get excited about anything, and it is too damn hot expend any energy on anything. no really. not even that.
  • go to the cineplex – it’s air conditionned. the PB and kidlets are going to base-ball game tonight, so i am free to see pineapple express. ice cold air and tub of popcorn here i come.

and last but not least, go commando. when it is too hot to breathe, it is definitely too hot to wear underwear. TRUST me.

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on being 40

it does not suck. it does not suck at all.

and it’s not just because i got fabulous presents – like this one

and this one

and yes – that’s the ring finger on my left hand… the other one is a mosaic portrait her highness herself. a fabulous creation by one of the most talented and wonderful person i know.

and the party! oh the party! it was wonderful – it was glorious – it was unforgettable. the celebrations lasted all w-e, i saw so many friends and family i hadn’t seen in so long, and then, just like that, it was over.

all that build-up and advance purchasing of massive amounts of champagne, all the preparations, planning, menu design and hotel room reserving, and in a blink of an eye the week-end ended and it was back to normal life, with one new decade to look into. and to all of you heading in that direction, trust me, it feels exactly like the preceding one.

turning 40 is a great excuse for a massive party and the perfect moment to assess your creaky knees and slowly sagging waist and say fuck it, i am 40 and i am alive; fuck it, i am 40 and i have a hot boyfriend who got me jewelry and sang me a song, my dog is still farting and i lovelovelove it all. fuck it i am 40, and it’s great to be 40 and think about what to get your mom for her 65th birthday. fuck it, it’s great to be 40 and video-chat with your hip dad about the diet he’s one this month; fuck it i am 40 and i can still fight with my sister like i’m 16. fuck it i am 40 and there still so much to do, so much to want, so much to look forward to.

and this afternoon, as i sat in my friend S’ backyard, sipping iced coffee and gossiping while the kidlets (they are visiting) played with hers and the sun warmed my legs and the chickens and cats and dog lolled about us, the thought floated in my mind that this may have nothing at all to do with being 40, but man does it feel right.

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