another reason to love eddie izzard (or how dahlia malloy saved the day)

as the previous post exposed openly, i love eddie izzard. i don’t love him as much as the PB who is marvelous in ways i cannot begin to explain but who i also love bc he too loves eddie izzard. so, that part is clear.

i did not get enough of an eddie fix after the show last week, so i rented ‘circle’ on dvd. it did not satisfy. perhaps it was the lack of three-dimensionalism? perhaps they filmed it on not-his-best night? the extras are worth watching bc there’s an hour’s worth of eddie doing stand up in french. the linguistic barrier is a bit of an obstacle to the brilliant-ness, but he makes up for it in cuteness and ballziness. being funny in a language that is not your own is a challenge with a capital ch.

but my eddie needs had not been met.

and so – to the rescue. they have the entire 1st season of The Riches streaming LIVE all day, every day. i am half way through it and it is, at the risk of really abusing the term, briLL-yant. there’s quite a bit of eddie in his character wayne malloy, but not so much that you don’t connect with the character. and minnie driver, who’s been in sort of a hiatus since 1997 (grosse point blank, good will hunting and circle of friends were great, and them – a whole lotta nada, or stuff that’s as good as nada), loses herself in the character of dahlia malloy, wayne’s wife. perhaps it’s bc i don’t know an appalachian mountain accent from a louisiana drawl or a texan twang, but it’s working on me. and i have her accent floatin’ threw ma little bitty brain, thinkin’ – hell (pronounced heyalll) honiee- i lahk the sound of that.

so when the very scary state patrol lady stopped me for going 47 mph in a 35mpg stretch of the road, and lectured me on the dangers of speeding as she walked away with my license, registration and insurance card, dahlia took over. “ah honie” she said. “that’s just awwwful!. “what a trajidy” -“ahm not lahk that, ah was just sneezin’ from these allergies ah got, and did not mahnd mah speed” . (this is true – i do have the most horrible allergies again, and until the claritin hits, i am a sneezy, wheezy mess; and that morning, i was indeed sneezing and not minding my speed).

“that’s right miss malloy ” she said. so remember “safety first!”, and with that she handed me my cards, wished me a nice day, and walked away.

i always thought my instinct in the face of danger and/ or authority would be to cede immediately and bend over. apparently i do have a survival instinct and it has a fake southern accent.


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