eddie izzard, stripped, portland performance: the review

brilliant. absolutely brilliant.

the lovely PB planned this as an early bday present and what a brilliant plan that was. we had dinner with a view and loads of champagne (brilliant!) followed by excellent seats of the great cross-dressing izz (not cross-dressed tonite) and then drove back and under a brilliant dark sky sprinkled with stars.  yes i am using ‘brilliant’ a lot, but it the only word that encompasses the excellence of the evening.

the performance:  my face hurt after 2 hours of the izz’s tireless brilliantness because i laughed so much. there’s one bit where he is both messenger to a roman general and the roman general. the messenger is trying explain in latin the arrival of hannibal – this is a bit that question latin’s efficacy as a language since it is so bloody complicated – his 5 minute conversation with himself (via the two characters) in the most hilarious latin (latin-ish) sprinkled with german, spanish and a lot of physical antics is side-splitting.

and then there’s the bit about the animals on naoh’s ark. or the relativity of time when it comes to computer updates. i could go on, but won’t. i will never do him justice. so if he’s coming anywhere near where you live, do not miss it. and if he isn’t, just get on a plane to where he is. the tour is nearing its end (last dates are in LA in very early august). you will not regret it, because he is quite simply


wait for it



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  1. Hanna

    I saw Eddie in New York at Radio City Music Hall on June 27…
    Smart, hilariously funny, gorgeous, philosophical, and of course…..

    Brilliant !

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