“wanted”, the review

starring lara croft angelina jolie and the rather nice but monochromatic james mc avoy with an extremely rare appearance by morgan freeman’s smile (think about it – when was the last time that actor smiled on screen?)

the movie is fun, providing special effects surprises not experienced by this member of the audience since the first matrix. i mean honestly, we got “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” and the first “matrix” almost 10 years ago, and while i am not a specialist in these things, all i can say is that i haven’t be very wowed by special effects since (except in CSI, where the repetition of their special effects always enthralls, altho that may be residual grissom enthrallment on my part). sorry, i digress.

back to “wanted”. special effects = cool. acting = minimal : angelina plays the same part she plays in the lara croft series and in mr&mrs smith. she had one great role in “Gia”, which I think was made for HBO, and since then she has managed to recycle herself and her role. she is stunningly gorgeous tho, but even with the 10 pounds the camera adds on, she is scarily skinny. james mc avoy does his grinning, side squint best, and buffed up considerably for this role. he almost pulls the american accent off, but the scottish accent’s there, lurking below the surface, and i wish they had let him keep it, it is one of the things i may like best about him. in any case, however many bullets he bent, he’ll always be robbie turner to me – i thought ‘atonement’ – the book – could not be topped, but he was perfect in the movie. and yes, morgan freeman’s smile has a tiny tiny role, mostly eclipsed by morgan freeman’s ‘somber- and- possibly- evil- but- we- can’t- be- sure- because- didn’t- he- drive- miss- daisy’  look.

i still haven’t told you much about the movie bc there really isn’t anything to say. it’s entertaining, not completely asinine, the script is irrelevant, although you may find yourself using “they’re just decoys” for a while after seeing it. it does have more staying power than “get smart”, which i forgot i saw, that’s how vapid that one is.

now, if you want true summer blockbuster material, take thee to amalah.com. her deodorant wars are ON, and they are very very good.


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