happy bastille day

ah yes , the french. i’ll say this for them, they know how to throw a revolution. complete with guillotines, they lopped off heads, began a reign of terror and autocracy to defend democracy (ring any bells?) and sent fashion into a tailspin. bye bye crinolines and powdered wigs, hello long coats and and empire waists (all of which would be reclaimed by the most wonderful vivienne westwood in 20th century britain, casuing a revolution of another kind).

cuisine-wise, the french are pretty good too, and let’s not forget the wines. revolution might have involved some hardship and tragedy. and danton and his pals were serious aesthetes. i can’t imagine they had much time or care for a braised capon with fennel and prune sauce and a nice rhone wine. on the bright side this may have helped reduce the incidence of gout among the french. not that public health was much a concern for the dictature.

anyway. all this to say i found a turkey baster! (baster – cooking – french cuisine – bastille day. that is how this shell of a brain works).

some of you may remember the hydrogen peroxide incident, a rather nerve-wracking experience because it involved a dog with a belly full of raw rice and the imminent explosion of said belly. and while the dog has an incurable and quite infuriating need to get into anything potentially edible, i am quite fond of her and would rather not have her succumb bc of one of her vices. part of the nerve-wrackingness of the incident was the fact that after 9pm, there isn’t much open in these parts of the woods, and the local safeway aka the “we do not carry turkey basters when they are not in season” store, was useless . therefore, HRH and i were locked in a rather messy embrace while i attempted to shoot hydrogen peroxide down her gullet with a child-sized medicine syringe. it took five shots of the syringe to get to the canine dose of hydrogen peroxide that would induce vomiting, thereby saving HRH. let’s just say that her vomiting was the easiest part of the transaction.

we now own turkey baster bc even if safeway won’t carry them until november, the local dollar store is not so seasonally strict. i found the perfect huge plastic baster. it was lying among kitchen towels, wooden spoons and beach balls. now , should i need to, i can shoot a whole cup of hydrogen peroxide down her throat in one go.        bring it on crouton *.

*crouton = french for bread cube, translated and used in honor of bastille day


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