out of the closet

i have been outed. well, not really. some people who know me know about this blog, but most of them didn’t. but now some people who i hadn’t intended telling know, so technically, i am out of the blog-closet.

this blog started as a way to motivate myself to write – if i could write this blog, i could write the book. and so far, that has turned out to be true. i have posted relatively regularly since last year, and lo, the book is done!

the blog has rarely been about the book however, and i don’t think it’s ever been about anything worth protecting my anonymity over. i doubt i’ll be dooced * over my daily travails or what i had for dinner. i doubt for that matter, that the people who know me and find out about the blog will spend much time reading it. they won’t find out much about me that they did not know already.

so hello ya’ll, yes it’s me.

* dooced, definition: “To be fired because of comments made about the company by an employee on a personal blog. Originally coined by Heather Armstrong when she got fired for posting about work on her blog dooce.com .” check out her fabulous blog to see how things turned out for her…


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