happy happy happy

[insert fireworks theme here]

not just because the entire US of A is celebrating its independence today, but because i a finally FREE!!! yes FREEEEEEEE – i finished the book. i am breathless with excitement. there’s still much editing to do, but that’s like eating cake compared to writing. i can edit all day long and still feel fine, whereas writing for 5 hours is absolutely exhausting.

so just in time to enjoy a bit of summer and focus on the 40th birthday party i can stop digging my brain out with a small spoon, and loll about in the glorious ease of footnote-checking and preposition-rearrangement. life is good.

and to all the yanks out there, enjoy your hot-dogs. i am off to a dinner where i’ll bring orangette’s simple basil aioli and fresh carrots from the farmers, and earl-grey tea cupcakes from desert candy in a respectful bow to that other event that preceded the 1776 declaration.


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  1. Cynthia

    Congratulations!!! I know exactly what kind of accomplishment this is–or at least, I hope to sooon. Hurray! xxoo

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