war of the sticks

from the very funny amy at amalah.  this is brilliant.  just absolutely effing brilliant:  http://www.amalah.com/amalah/2008/06/the-battle-for.htm

i laughed so hard i broke a sweat.

and on the subject of sweating – it is hot here. which gives me the perfect excuse to make ice-cream.  awaiting in the fridge are a tupperware full of the most fattening-full fat-full cream + 6 egg yolks vanilla ice cream and a container of the most amazing strawberry sorbet – it’s like the frozen essence of an oregon summer (quoth my neighbor with whom i shared some).  in my belly you will find my first home-made strawberry ice cream. next i want to make  champagne and peach sorbet – sort of like a frozen bellini.  that would be brilliant.  not as brilliant as amalah’s “war of the stick deodoarants” post, but hopefully as satisfying.


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