warding off vampires, and other good things

one of the great things about living where i live is eating what grows here (and i am not just talking about the wine). there’s an amazing bakery in town – which i blame for at least 5 of the 10 pounds i gained over the winter ( it made sense at the time to follow a demanding morning yoga class with one of their cinnamon snails, but i don’t think my hips got the memo, and they stretched accordingly). there’s a couple of amazing restaurants (this one has something resembling a website, but most are just about the food, sans website – quaint eh?), all of which contributed to my expanding waist and financial ruin. and last but not least is the best boutique in the world, where the friendly owners also serve the BEST cappuccino in town, all of which added to the afore-mentioned fatitude and slow decent into credit precariousness.

and now that summer is here and the veggies are out, we can add my farmers to the list of why i LOVE it here. they are two hardworking, stunningly gregarious and committed people, and every tuesday we get bagfuls of vegetables from them, heaps of luscious lettuce, the odd chard still – but also spring garlic, sweet arugula, and the revelation of revelations – the most succulent broccoli.

like coldplay, broccoli is now laughing at me. after years of hating it, reviling it as the foulest of cabbages and the most pestilent of greens, i now love the damn thing. unlike coldplay however, i am not embracing it bc it now tastes like fritos, but bc it is the most elegant and frothy and crunchy of veggies. and it is the best vehicle for a vinaigrette made of anchovy paste, lemon, olive oil and as much raw garlic as you can stand to mash up. broccoli as vampire protection – who knew?

i just ate a mountain of green doused in this garlic concoction, and should vampires descend upon the farmer’s market this afternoon while i am buying strawberries for my first summer sorbet, let me tell you, i have nothing to fear.


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