quoth the raven

right now, it is 80 degrees in NYC (at 8.30 pm there), it’s is 70 degrees in LA, and in oregon – you know what the temperature is ? it’s barely 55 degrees. and it is gray and overcast, rainy, depressingly awful weather. even by my belgian standards, this is just atrocious. and my fellow oregonians, who are inured against crap weather like most belgians yet take it in stride and keep cheerful about it, are pissed off too. this week’s CSA box of veggies : more effing chard. i love the leafy greens as much as any omnivore, but come on, it is time for summer veggies. at this rate, we’ll be eating tomatoes in september, if at all.

i am wearing 3 layers of cotton, and am going to reach for the fleece soon, bc no matter how much i tell myself that it is june and i should not wear that patagonia jacket anymore, my body knows different and is tired of being cold.

rant much?*

why yes i do.

onto other subjects, this w-e was spent in lovely warm LA (you’d think that would help with my mood in the current oregon situation, but it doesn’t. it just make oregon feel that much colder and crueler). LA was warm and glossy as usual, with just enough grime to make it feel real. i had many great meals – one involving a modern take on osso buco that still has me quivering in delight; i wore sandals and sleeveless dresses, i bought flip flops – which saved the day as my body did not adjust well to the temperature difference between balmy LA and frigid oregon, and as a consequence, my extremities swelled up like balloons. very elegant. we had a birthday brunch with PBs closest friends from university for his bday at a place that makes the most divine almond-meal laced madeleines. these are the one that made proust/swann shiver, i tell you. i saw the beach in venice, i saw my good friend cat get married, i ate cupcakes from sprinkles (a close second to my favorite cupcake place).

all in all, a very fine w-e. and yesterday i became a real blonde again. thanks to $$$ and patience (I waited weeks to see this very good colorist) i have my color back, and i have it expertly applied. LOOK!!! :

yes – that’s my head. you can’t see the ashy roots of my aging hair. this is something that is well worth paying way more for. and that’s my yellow and white stripe cardigan. it’s a piece of the spring wardrobe. it looks good over a thermal t-shirt, and a long sleeve cotton tunic with a polka dotted wool scarf… you also see the clotted-cream color of the walls of the room i work in. if you think that’s bad, maybe i’ll take a picture of the carpet for you some day. 1970’s rural chic my friends. it’s all the rage i tell you.

on a lighter note, here’s a picture that resonates: the winter field looks a lot like what i walk through with HRH, and those boots! they’re a lot like my shit-kickin’ boots (in the words of my texan friend D) that i got a at the local farm coop in town. i am that raven. and that raven is cold and begging for summer.

* those of you who’ve seen the SATC movie will know who and what inspired this appropriated line.


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