it was not as bad as i might have expected. it was not as good as i had hoped. but “sex&the city” was most enjoyable, it was a feast for the eyes, for those of us who enjoy seeing clothes on beautiful people, who enjoy seeing (and not wearing) high heels.

if you take away the lagging plot, the unbalanced characters (charlotte /kristin davis SO got shorted) and the complete waste of the gay characters that were KEY to the hbo series, you are left with a primo chick bonding flick that momentarily recaptures some of what i enjoyed every sunday night while SATC was on TV. it is unfortunate the whole plot hung around a wedding. there’s nothing wrong with marriage per se, but it smells just a tad bit too conventional, fr a show that was always the opposite of conventional. i watched it with the PB, who, perhaps because he is male, found it, if i remember correctly, tepid. he was also completely unwilling to discuss wardrobe mistakes and successes during the movie. most frustrating…

ignore nathan anthony lane’s vitriolic review in the new yorker – he just doesn’t get it. there’s true emotion in the heart of the movie, which is about the essence of friendships between women, and the profound nature of those connections. even if women can be vile to each other, i think the movie does justice to the most positive aspects of the sisterhood, even if it does dress it up in high heels and lots and lots of tulle (and amen to that!).


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2 responses to “SATC

  1. Small clarification: Nathan Lane did not write the vitriolic review. Anthony Lane did…

  2. galainoregon

    omg – of COURSE it’s anthony! nathan is the nice one, who voiced timon (or pumba – i forget) and who starred in one of the SATC episodes, he would NEVER do to the movie what anthony did.

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