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war of the sticks

from the very funny amy at amalah.  this is brilliant.  just absolutely effing brilliant:

i laughed so hard i broke a sweat.

and on the subject of sweating – it is hot here. which gives me the perfect excuse to make ice-cream.  awaiting in the fridge are a tupperware full of the most fattening-full fat-full cream + 6 egg yolks vanilla ice cream and a container of the most amazing strawberry sorbet – it’s like the frozen essence of an oregon summer (quoth my neighbor with whom i shared some).  in my belly you will find my first home-made strawberry ice cream. next i want to make  champagne and peach sorbet – sort of like a frozen bellini.  that would be brilliant.  not as brilliant as amalah’s “war of the stick deodoarants” post, but hopefully as satisfying.


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warding off vampires, and other good things

one of the great things about living where i live is eating what grows here (and i am not just talking about the wine). there’s an amazing bakery in town – which i blame for at least 5 of the 10 pounds i gained over the winter ( it made sense at the time to follow a demanding morning yoga class with one of their cinnamon snails, but i don’t think my hips got the memo, and they stretched accordingly). there’s a couple of amazing restaurants (this one has something resembling a website, but most are just about the food, sans website – quaint eh?), all of which contributed to my expanding waist and financial ruin. and last but not least is the best boutique in the world, where the friendly owners also serve the BEST cappuccino in town, all of which added to the afore-mentioned fatitude and slow decent into credit precariousness.

and now that summer is here and the veggies are out, we can add my farmers to the list of why i LOVE it here. they are two hardworking, stunningly gregarious and committed people, and every tuesday we get bagfuls of vegetables from them, heaps of luscious lettuce, the odd chard still – but also spring garlic, sweet arugula, and the revelation of revelations – the most succulent broccoli.

like coldplay, broccoli is now laughing at me. after years of hating it, reviling it as the foulest of cabbages and the most pestilent of greens, i now love the damn thing. unlike coldplay however, i am not embracing it bc it now tastes like fritos, but bc it is the most elegant and frothy and crunchy of veggies. and it is the best vehicle for a vinaigrette made of anchovy paste, lemon, olive oil and as much raw garlic as you can stand to mash up. broccoli as vampire protection – who knew?

i just ate a mountain of green doused in this garlic concoction, and should vampires descend upon the farmer’s market this afternoon while i am buying strawberries for my first summer sorbet, let me tell you, i have nothing to fear.

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who needs TV?

especially when you can stay on top of the latest by watching youtube, hulu, and waiting for your most trusted blogs to steer you in the right direction.

the latest JC Penney manages to subvert the notion of ‘responsible parenting’ – which in the case of teenagers i can but assume is an exercise in contradictions; and be romantic (in a highschool way) at the same time. let’s just say i can remember an occasion or two when i could have used the training these two did.

i have no idea at what time this ad runs. maybe i do need a TV…

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not bad, not bad at all *

this is my life today:

big bouquet on the desk (present from dinner guests last night), almost-finished chapter on computer screen and bright sunshine in the window. even my allergies seem under control. and HRH is snoring (less loudly) under the desk. this is as close to heaven as i need to get at 10.30 am on a working friday.

* this sort of turn of phrase is called “ litotes“. special thanks for merriam-webster’s word-of-the-day for explaining this, and giving me a new scrabble word. because given this set of letters, i might not always want to spell ‘toilet’ – which is exactly what my brain unscrambled as if by instinct when the delivery popped on my screen this week.

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i heart bossy

if you don’t know dooce, you need to meet her. she’s a blog sensation -she’s been on TV forcrissakes. there are many female bloggers out there, many who in their spare time have developed loyal readers – for ex my favorite – belgianwaffle; and there’s evany with her daily outfits, and desert candy and orangette who blog so wonderfully about food, and dustpan alley in my neck of the woods, with her chickens and her crafty projects.

then there are all the bloggers for whom blogging has become a wonderful (enviable – sooooo enviable) job – they blog on a variety of sites, or have multiple sections in their blogs, they get some cash for it, as they should, for all the hours of entertainment they provide. it makes them no less compelling to read, but on the response side of things, let’s just say it’s a bit thin. i am sure it’s not that they don’t care, and would never suggest any of my comments were ever worth a response, and they do get about a million comments a day. so it is understandable that they no longer get so excited when there’s a comment on their blog, like i do. and i usually respond asap (altho it took me a while to realize that could respond directly to the commenter, instead of responding on my own blog, which left me wondering if that person ever came back to check that i answered, and if not, do they think i am rude and ungrateful?)

annnyway. all this to say dooce does not respond to your comments. let me rephrase: dooce has not responded to mine. i even sent her an email once, she had a question about a 1950’s soft drink, which i tried to elucidate. neither has sweetney. and i don’t know if bossy will ever respond or comment on my blog, but she made the most hilarious video of herself pining for a response from dooce. it’s funny, self-deprecating, not mean. in short hiiii-larious. enjoy:

i heart dooce, but i may just heart bossy a tiny little bit more. i am biased by her great dane, who looks a lot like HRH. go on. compare bossy’s photstream of pics of her great dane with HRH, and you’ll understand [note to reader: somethin’s not right with wordpress or my pics and have not been able to load a gallery of HRH’s best shots. note to self: must get flicker]. check out the new flicker widget on the right to compare (omg i managed to do this with only 1 email to the wordpress helpdesk). i also love the post she has today – if you know me and refer to my cast of characters post, you’ll understand why.

and i am happy to report the caffeine, advil and claritin have done their job, my brain is snot free and eyes are clear. tax regulations of yore, here i come.


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at least it’s not contagious

HRH and i have allergies. she’s been snoring up a storm and sneezing violently. ditto for me, except i also have itchy and swollen eyes, whereas she still looks perfectly normal. i am taking claritin, she’s on anti-biotics (bc she may have some infection as part of the allergies – better safe than sorry with an 11-year old dog).

her allergies don’t keep her from going about her business, rooting around the fields for gross stuff to eat, lying around the house looking for sunshine, and pickin egg-shells off the kitchen floor, whereas i have to wait for the claritin and caffeeine to kick in. noway can i concentrate on 19th C agricultural tarriffs with my brains up my nose.

good news: i got a new pair of jeans (present from friend) – and on that note, let me plug some more jeans: for the ample bottomed among us, may i recommend red engine & david kahn jeans? and the ever reliable joe’s honey cut, which i won’t give up even with massive holes in it (must replace).

gala out – i need some advil.

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carrion, carrion, there’s nothing to see here

on our afternoon walk through the fields, HRH chased away two HUGE vultures. the fields have been recently mowed, and i suspect that field mice and other critters get mowed over. cycle of life and all that – the vultures eat, the field gets fertilized and that’s a few less mice in my kitchen. except for this: instead of continuing the walk with me, HRH proceeded to chomp her way through the now vulture-less field. i had to drag her out of there by force as five black raptors hovered overhead.

it’s not enough that she’s a deer-shit-eating, quail murdering hound. now she eats dead mice too. whatever will she do when we return to the city in the fall???

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