the movie is out – the girls are back – sex and the city is playing at the little cineplex down the hill.

what am i going to do?? manohla dargis already killed the movie in her review in the NYT. and rolling stone says it’s a must see for guys so they understand the female psyche. really? SATC explains it all? is that all it’ll take to enlighten our men – send them to see the movie? these two reviews give me much pause.

i watched every episode while it was on hbo, and enjoyed it enormously, and remember it fondly. will the movie take me back to those years, to that chapter in my life? probably not – i doubt a movie could do that, and i am solidly in this chapter, no one is taking me back there. and while the series was great, the movie, i fear, will not be. how could you translate 22 minutes of great into 140 minutes, without losing some zing?

but of course i’ll go, if only so i can pull a manohla and pan it myself (and bc i do want to see the clothes, and mr big, just one more time…). or maybe i’ll surprise myself and love, love , LOVE it!

and on that note, i am off to get a pedicure. they do them in massage chairs here, and my back needs some kneeding. who would ever have thought that a 20 buck pedicure would be the cheapest massage in town?


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