just like home

the other waterloo

can you see it?

it’s not exactly the battle field of napoleon’s last stand, and there’s no hokey museum, or lion atop a hill, up 226 steps. but it is waterloo, it is A waterloo, and it is raining just like it usually does at that other one.

this is a little snippet of our memorial day w-e, which was very belgian in that the weather overcast and rainy all the time, and it involved an open-air concert (very pukkelpop) and lots of snoepjes (flemish for sweets), and the sweets stores of east oregon sell the licorice of my youth and the sour gummies i always loved.

it was very not belgian in that distance driven without leaving the state, let alone the country, was huge, and that i was with my hot boyfriend (who drives way better than my dad – but he would cringe if he knew i just mentioned him in the same sentence as my father – if your read this, sorry baby, i know i made you cringe).

in short – it was a BRILLIANT w-e, and now we are back home, which is equally lovely, but decidedly less belgian.

i leave you with a picture i took from as close as i could of the very brilliant lead singer of the national, the deep voiced matt berninger, who apart from having a voice that would melt steel, knows how to wear denim on denim and pulls it off like the style icon rock stars can be.

matt berninger, bend OR


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