hot – very hot!

this is not the description of the lovely PB (although it could be, he is dangerously hot) or the chicken wings i ate at a vietnamese restaurant i love last tuesday (see pok pok in portland eating guide in right side bar). – it is the alert notice on for my zipcode….

temps will reach 96 degrees today (that’s about 35 celsius for my european contingent). that’s almost 50 degrees of temperature variation in less than 4 days. on monday (as in FOUR days ago) : we had to turn the heat was on, my mother had a hot water bottle in her bed to prevent frost bite of toes, and i was wearing socks and boots and a coat. 2 weeks ago it hailed, and there’s still snow on some of the hills around here. and now we will spend the w-e sweating off winter pounds (good), lathering on UV 900 protection (winter sking burns people, it burns so easily!), and making sure her highness is hydrated while we float in a tub of ice water to keep cool…

and they say global warming is a myth.

before we reach that apocalyspe, last evening was perfect! bubbles on the front porch with view of fields and mountain, warm breeze and tons of colorful birds, and an evening walk through hazelnut orchard in flipflops. divine.


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