iron man : quick thoughts (not a rant, not a review)

iron man = melikes.

at one point in “iron man” tony stark (robert downey jr) says “i am iron man”. i am not giving anything away here – we all know tony stark is iron man bc most of the movie is about tony stark building the iron man suit. as a plot it’s not tremendously gripping, and when RDJ says “i am iron man” he is essentially confirming why this movie is better than it should be – it’s bc RDJ IS iron man. without his delicious self this movie would be one more pre-summer super-hero action movie. RDJ actually acts, such a rarity these days, and injects self-deprecating humor in places usually reserved for over-emoting muscle-protruding hackery. the first scene, in which he rides a humvee with admiring soldiers in afghanistan, twirling ice in a tumbler full of whisky, wearing sunglasses ricky martin would be proud of, is epic.

i suppose some of the credit should go to john favreau for directing, but i this is my blog, and here i decide it ALL goes to RDJ.

for those of you who already saw the movie, you will notice i am not even mentioning gwyneth paltrow. and that is why.


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