psycho-killer, killer tired.

we all woke up too early today. the lovely PB woke up at 4 am to catch a 6.30 flight out of LAX and we (my mom and i – yes, she LOVED her present!) woke up at 6.30 so we could make it to the airport by 8.30 for breakfast with PB before her 11 am flight out. PB could have taken a later flight home, allowing him more than 2 hours of sleep after an evening of work. we could have slept till 8 am, allowing PB a lovely cheery girlfriend upon his return to oregon, instead of the the cranky gnome i become when i haven’t slept enough. but my mother and the PB wanted to sacrifice sleep so they could at least share break-fast since the scheduling of this mother’s-day visit overlapped with PB’s out-of-town travels.

let us revisit this situation: my boyfriend. my mother. making extra-human efforts to meet at the airport so they could share a cup of coffee and catch up face to face. this qualifies as one of my life’s really good things, a little reward after too many loser/forgettable/a#*&ole boyfriends that probably taught me a lesson or two about myself and relationships, but whom i knew better than to introduce to the ice-queen my mother becomes around people she (sometimes rightly) considers undeserving. but the PB – him i knew i could expose to the ice-queen, she who melted immediately and continues to adore all about him. she does adore him, and visits us here – far from the urban bubbles she thought she’d brought me up to survive in – where we live in a house that has mice in the walls (we live in a FIELD, therefore technically, we live in their house), where you can’t hear any noise at night – which of course made my mom suggest we might be killed in our sleep by roaving psychopaths – bc THAT is such a common occurrence here. it is particularly hilarious that my mother considered the risks of living in the country side, when she recently realized that the sweet youths playing in the street next to her car while she was waiting at a red light in the ginormous city she lives in were in fact not playing, but trying to figure how to break into her car, WITH HER IN IT. i rest my case.

so yes, we are all very tired, bc no one slept enough. but tonight, provided i don’t get murdered by the serial killers native to these hills, i will sleep and wake up to the sound of nothing. not even a mouse.


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