As promised, a review

I promised notes on Baby Mama last week. Here they are:

I ended up seeing BM with the lovely PB on Thursday – the reviews were in online and everywhere else : “Poehler and Fey are the most wonderful comic duo”, “Baby Mama is hilarious”, “two thumbs up”,  “the supporting cast shines”. Yeah, whatever.

I was set to like the movie, I am tremendously biased towards Fey and would have still liked the movie if it wasn’t brilliant, but this movie is so far below brilliant. It doesn’t even reach passable. You know what it is? It’s an excuse for a movie. Really -an excuse. Bc what it is is a series of sketches the writers bounced around the writer’s table: “OMG – how funny would it be if someone peed in a sink? Oooh yeah, that’s hilarious! Should we have Dax do it? In the kitchen sink? No, that’s too easy! let’s have Amy pee in the bathroom sink!!! OMG man, you are SO funny” and another one: “let’s make fun really old moms! Yeah – bc that’s just gross! So let’s have Tina tell Sigourney she has old ovaries – ahahahahaha – and then let’s say her ovaries are from the 60’s – no from the 40’s – haaaaaaahaaaaa. ” As PB says, no one hates women like women.

I thought I was going to see a comedy that could poke fun at the rank anti-feminism that continues to suggest that maternity and procreation are the sign-posts of feminine achievement – and instead what I got was relatively lame obgyn jokes, ridiculous send-ups of corporate America via Steve Martin posing as the CEO of a fake whole foods, and age-ist jokes that just were not funny. The whole critique of the breeding mania? Not there. A witty analysis of the trials of being a woman who was told she could have it all, and finds out that was a lie? Not there. A subtle assessment of the cruelty of the biological clock, which really only ticks for women. Absent.

The character development is nil, another reason that points to this movie as a long sequence of sketches

Oh and the plot? Irrelevant. I am not ruining anything by telling you it all ends well and everyone is happy. I’ve seen the last scene of this movie in a million other movies, but the other movies did it way better (I submit evidence a: “Parenthood”).

The only redeeming part of the film : Romany Malco as Oscar the doorman. He is the only character who is even remotely human and sympathetic.

As for Fey and Poehler? I’ll stick to 30 Rock and SNL (although 30 Rock is slipping badly since coming back on after the strike, but more on that some other time).

And on that, Gala out.

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