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H2O2 – that’s hydrogen peroxide to you

some of you know that HRH of this house regal has no impulse control, especially about food. we (her humans) are trained to put food away in the cupboards or above the fridge, to throw the trash out before leaving the house, and always close the door to the pantry where her food is stored. absent these precautions, she will eat a week’s worth of kibble in one go, inhale whatever meat, egg or dairy product is in the trash – and in the process redecorate the kitchen in coffee grounds and fruit peels- and finish off whatever is on the counter. i now know this also includes bags of raw rice.

i got back yesterday evening and found a few rice grains on the floor. and i saw bits of plastic bag. and some rice kernels in her water bowl. where were the other 15.5 ounces of rice? in her belly. that’s where.

usually, when she scarfs down whatever she found in our absence, we let her digest it, but a pound of rice was going to hurt. and it was not going to be pleasant for the humans who share HRH’s space. i called the wonderful people at the after hours emergency vet clinic – i am firmly convinced there is a special spot reserved in heaven for these people – we’ve been there before, as a result of another trash-eating incident: we thought she might have swallowed a razor blade. she hadn’t. we were up till 1 am and down $150 by the time we found out. anyway – the staff and doctors there COULD NOT BE NICER. they are efficient, friendly, without being all googly about the animals, and completely reasonable when you are about to lose your shit. so i called them : “hi, my dog just ate a pound of raw rice” – vet nurse : “ouch”, me “should i worry? what should i expect? is she going to die? will her belly explode?” – vet nurse: “oh, that’s not going to be pretty. let me ask the doctor”. 2 minutes later:” yeah – that’s gonna have to come out NOW” (you see what i mean by efficient and not googly? she could not have minced her words less). the solution: make my dog puke it out by giving her 1/3 of a cup of hydrogen peroxide. EASY. if you have hydrogen peroxide in the house. which i didn’t.

HRH and i drove to the supermarket at 9pm, where i found the peroxide easily, and then wandered the aisles for 15 anxious minutes looking for a turkey baster or something that i could jam the peroxide down her throat with. i was anxious bc she was in the car. with a belly full of raw rice. waiting to explode.

just FYI, supermarkets do not carry turkey basters in the summer. apparently turkey basters are a seasonal item. whatever. i found a children’s medicine syringe. good enough.

after wrangling HRH’s 95 pounds and jamming the filled syringe between her teeth 5 consecutive times and spraying myself and herself with peroxide i waited. and 10 minutes later, as if by miracle, HRH was relieved of that rice bomb in her belly, and the field mice had one huge supply of rice the feast on.

ps: also found in the mess were a plastic bag that used to hold a pound of arborio rice, one walnut shell and that sock PB lost last year. 2 out these three items are true. special prize if you guess which one’s odd man out

pps: my neighbor just brought me a dozen homemade, fresh out of the oven southern style biscuits.  they were the most fluffy, buttery, delicious heaps of sin. emphasis on were, bc like my dog, i lack any measure of self control when it comes to superlative food.  now where’s that bottle of hydrogen peroxide???


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the movie is out – the girls are back – sex and the city is playing at the little cineplex down the hill.

what am i going to do?? manohla dargis already killed the movie in her review in the NYT. and rolling stone says it’s a must see for guys so they understand the female psyche. really? SATC explains it all? is that all it’ll take to enlighten our men – send them to see the movie? these two reviews give me much pause.

i watched every episode while it was on hbo, and enjoyed it enormously, and remember it fondly. will the movie take me back to those years, to that chapter in my life? probably not – i doubt a movie could do that, and i am solidly in this chapter, no one is taking me back there. and while the series was great, the movie, i fear, will not be. how could you translate 22 minutes of great into 140 minutes, without losing some zing?

but of course i’ll go, if only so i can pull a manohla and pan it myself (and bc i do want to see the clothes, and mr big, just one more time…). or maybe i’ll surprise myself and love, love , LOVE it!

and on that note, i am off to get a pedicure. they do them in massage chairs here, and my back needs some kneeding. who would ever have thought that a 20 buck pedicure would be the cheapest massage in town?

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just like home

the other waterloo

can you see it?

it’s not exactly the battle field of napoleon’s last stand, and there’s no hokey museum, or lion atop a hill, up 226 steps. but it is waterloo, it is A waterloo, and it is raining just like it usually does at that other one.

this is a little snippet of our memorial day w-e, which was very belgian in that the weather overcast and rainy all the time, and it involved an open-air concert (very pukkelpop) and lots of snoepjes (flemish for sweets), and the sweets stores of east oregon sell the licorice of my youth and the sour gummies i always loved.

it was very not belgian in that distance driven without leaving the state, let alone the country, was huge, and that i was with my hot boyfriend (who drives way better than my dad – but he would cringe if he knew i just mentioned him in the same sentence as my father – if your read this, sorry baby, i know i made you cringe).

in short – it was a BRILLIANT w-e, and now we are back home, which is equally lovely, but decidedly less belgian.

i leave you with a picture i took from as close as i could of the very brilliant lead singer of the national, the deep voiced matt berninger, who apart from having a voice that would melt steel, knows how to wear denim on denim and pulls it off like the style icon rock stars can be.

matt berninger, bend OR

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someone must have been listening

because in 2 days we (and another 8000 people) are going to hear the national (the same ones i have been listening to so much) playing with modest mouse and -oh glorious bands of my youth- the breeders!

hard to believe this holiday w-e marks the beginning of summer in the US, what with the 50 degree weather and rain.  and tornados in southern california.  oh yes, all is well on our planet.

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listen to this now


i’m all about their latest album ‘saturday=youth’ – it’s been on constant repeat all afternoon and evening, and it is good for the soul, good for the mind, good for you. follow with light doses of ‘the national’ album boxer, and when you’ve had enough of the shoe-gazing bands, switch to MGMT, just for fun.

ah yes, the healing power of pop. never underestimate it.

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slouching and marching towards 40

i promise i will not turn this into a ‘woe, i am so old’ post, but even if my father confirms that , it still feels like something is ending.

my sister and i gave this key chain to my father almost 23 years ago. i can guarantee that neither one of us believed what that scrap of metal said. i mean, come oooon, i was 17! i was on the verge of everything – boys college, late nights, LIFE. i remember hanging out at casting calls for SONY ads, bbq’s and late night drives to antwerp and the beach. i remember wondering if he liked me, and strategizing that if HE didn’t like me, maybe this other HE might. i remember week-ends at C’s uncle’s in rotterdam, i remember hamburgers at 4 am, and croissants at 5am (the post club appetite depended on whether the sun was out or not). in any case, those years on the edge of 17 were one long summer of mindless, irresponsible, indulged and privileged fun. turning 40 was for parents.

and now it is my turn, and i don’t feel like my parents at all. and i don’t feel like the 17 year old that gave her father a silly key-chain either. in two months i will become a 40-year old history professor with an aging farting deer-poop eating dog and a hot boyfriend. and more books she knows what to do with. and a manuscript deadline she’ll meet at the cost of more grey hair. and i have grey hair. i also have a lot of friends, a pile of cook books i actually use, and i still fit in the jeans i bought last year (my metabolism is NOT slowing down!).

there is SO much to be grateful for, and the fact that i know this confirms that i am not 17. when you are that young, you have no idea that your life could be completely different, and way more miserable, and that is is going to take some radical turns in the future. and i miss that sense of not knowing that the road ahead has an end. i miss the stupid bliss of worrying about what to wear to a party and who’s garden to have this week’s bbq in .

the problem with getting older is not so much the getting older part, it’s the awareness of it. i’ll gladly march to my 40s and 50s and 60s, i just wish i wasn’t so aware of the milestones they represent. i wish we didn’t have expiration dates.

so in order to simultaneously accept and subsume this reality, i am having a BIG birthday bash. champagne galore. friends en masse. delicious food and lots of cupcakes. we’ll celebrate the friends that are not with us anymore, the ones who reached their expiration date well ahead of schedule, all this to remind myself that as long as i am ON THIS EARTH, i better make it count. yes, i’m older, but i am not dead. and if i am not dead, i can drink champagne, and THAT is totally worth slouching towards anything for.

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hot – very hot!

this is not the description of the lovely PB (although it could be, he is dangerously hot) or the chicken wings i ate at a vietnamese restaurant i love last tuesday (see pok pok in portland eating guide in right side bar). – it is the alert notice on for my zipcode….

temps will reach 96 degrees today (that’s about 35 celsius for my european contingent). that’s almost 50 degrees of temperature variation in less than 4 days. on monday (as in FOUR days ago) : we had to turn the heat was on, my mother had a hot water bottle in her bed to prevent frost bite of toes, and i was wearing socks and boots and a coat. 2 weeks ago it hailed, and there’s still snow on some of the hills around here. and now we will spend the w-e sweating off winter pounds (good), lathering on UV 900 protection (winter sking burns people, it burns so easily!), and making sure her highness is hydrated while we float in a tub of ice water to keep cool…

and they say global warming is a myth.

before we reach that apocalyspe, last evening was perfect! bubbles on the front porch with view of fields and mountain, warm breeze and tons of colorful birds, and an evening walk through hazelnut orchard in flipflops. divine.

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