what i do when i can’t sleep

in grad school, i used to bake. i baked banana bread, muffins, chocolate cake – anything that would involve stirring helped calm me down. it was a very efficient way to finally fall asleep, although more than one banana bread got baked into a brick bc of said efficacy.

when i am teaching and can’t sleep, i read chic lit mysteries. they really work – tunes out the cogent part of the brain, it entertains, and soon enough, i am asleep and dreaming of solving murders with a martini in one hand.

and now, when i can’t sleep, i watch TV on my laptop. streaming video is the BEST thing ever. who knew i’d enjoy this so much. actually, it’s not such a big surprise. anyway, 2 weeks ago, when PB was away for weeks on end, i watched the entire 5th season of nip/tuck. that is one effed-up series. could not stop watching it – BRILLIANT! this week i discovered ‘kitchen confidential’. anthony bourdain’s book and bravado are quite palatable in a 20 minutes sitcom. it is often funny, well written and acted – surprisingly it was pulled off the air after 4 episodes in the US but is doing well in the UK and Australia. mmmmh. if anyone remembers ‘Chef!’ with lenny henry, KC will seem comfortably familiar. and it is all on hulu.com so i get to watch as much of it as i want, when i want, which is about 3 episodes a night until i doze off. mission accomplished!

ps: update: after finishing the entire season of kitchen confidential, i finally figured out that its main character is played by an actor who also plays a recurring character in nip/tuck’s 5th season. whoa.


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