morning calm

J: playing DS, one sock on, one sock off (to better let the festering wound on his ankle heal, so gross)

L: imagining a world of her very own in the wooden barn she got for her birthday last summer. cows, goats, even a cat have been joined by plastic puppets from burgerville kids menus as well as her favorite companion, the stuffed dog M.

her highness: splayed on the floor in between the two, breathing deeply and snoring, occasionally groaning the happy groan as se rearranges her vast self in a different position, the better to observe J&L. i suspect she is thoroughly enjoying the company, and the amazing calm.

the lovely PB, their father, is at the office for an hour or two, and all is calm here. have they had breakfast yet? no. does it matter? apparently not. but i suspect all hell might break loose when the object of their devoted and starved attention walks over the threshold…

update: the lovely PB came back, and hell did not break loose.  must be something in the oregon water, it just makes everyone happy(ier).


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