d-day minus 1

banners: done

cards with info on sponsors and fund-raiser: done (and sponsored 100%)

applications for pouring: completed, sent and hopefully approved

inserts for restaurant wine list: done (and quite tastefully, thank you)

contact with local cancer support center and cancer research center: done

glasses for event : ordered and awaiting pick-up mañana

kind volunteers from local high-school: lined up and ready

effing cheese platters for tastings: never doing that again. bc the cheese needs to be of a specific kind (hard – not soft), it needs to be on a platter (done), and it needs to rest on doilies (shit – must go to supermarket and get those), they need toothpicks or knives to be cut and transported to mouth, they usually require napkins (double shit, must get those too).

so far, lots of lessons learned, but all of them good, and all of them pointing in a completely different career than the one i am currently employed in and for which i am currently toiling over the-book-that-started -this-whole-blog-thing-in-the-first-place. maybe that’s what my blog is doing – it’s not only the support for the book-writing i thought it would be, but it’s the public and recorded stream of consciousness that leads me out of academic book-writing into something altogether different.

maybe i should rename this blog Gala in Transition.


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