hours of fun

i am in the business of educating attempting to educate young adult minds. it is often a futile exercise, but i have, on occasion, felt rewarded by my attempts. this week we are hosting 2 kids between 6 and 10 years of age – this is an age group that is well beyond my professional training, and one i feared i might not be rewarded by. our life and house are now entirely dedicated to the care and entertainment of 2 kidlets. the dining room table is a project table, my history books are being used for a school project, and i have eaten so much candy i fear i’ll have my first sugar rush in years,

honestly though, it is not too difficult to go back to the days when playing ALL DAY LONG was a perfectly good way to spend your waking hours. we went to THE BEST toy store yesterday. AWWWSUMM store to quote one of the two. we bought a basic set of QUADRILLA blocks and tracks ( you can tell the age group i am hanging out with by my extensive and TOTALLY NECESSARY use of caps). when i was their age, lego ruled my time, and then barbies became my second life, and puzzles were ok on a rainy day, but quadrilla ROCKS. talk about teaching kids collaboration, problem solving, planning, and civil engineering all at the same time. and it’s does not suck at teaching adults the same skills either.

total hours worked on book since arrival of kids = 0

skills learnt since arrival of kids and quadrilla set = many, and very useful ones.

fun had with kids and set = way more than with book, ever.


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