i spoke with my friend M yesterday and he told me: “all you bloody do up there in oregon is EAT!”. apparently i write a lot about food in this blog… that may be true, but him knowing that means he is reading the blog! mission 1 of this blog = accomplished. i wanted this blog to be the kind of diary my friends could read and know what i am up to without having to make long transatlantic phone-calls. plus, it turns out that blogging leads to very different musings than phone conversations necessarily do. bc apparently i don’t speak about food as much as i write about it.

we all have our vices, and food may be one of mine. M’s too, since he routinely makes 5 course meals, for LUNCH! [btw, i adore M and not just bc he gave me a recipe for] . for those of you who might wonder why i write about food occasionally let me explain. i am not food-obsessed, and i do not spend my day with my face in the fridge. thing is, when you live in the middle of a vineyard, surrounded by farmers and wine-makers, chances are, unless you are concerned with more ethereal needs, the pleasures of the table will become part of your everyday accounts, even if – M this is for you – i did spare you what i made for dinner last night, i spared you tales of my disappointing cheese soufflée at a local restaurant or my renewed faith in another local chef

onto other topics:

the book. it is almost done. truly. i have a picture of her royal highness lying with her head on a pile of documents (source material for the book). it pretty much says it all. will attempt uploading that pic again soon, but wordpress does not like my file and won’t let me…

the fund-raiser for breast cancer research. it is almost here. next friday, april 25th, 6 wineries, 3 local shops, one local restaurant and a bunch of volunteers will hopefully raise a lot of money for breast cancer research. the result of the combined effort harnessed last january (see here) are coming to fruition. reports on results soon. (if you are anywhere near mcminnville, oregon, let me know !)

the progress of spring. not so good. it is going to rain all week and freeze over the w-e. WTF???

as for the title of the post, i am willing to concede that in this eternal winter, i may be i sublimating my need for sun with calories, bc unlike the sun (and like hillary) food gets it DONE.


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