mac lovin’

the mac people are very nice (note to moobs: this is a precaution). i got two calls over the w-e from 2 different genuises reporting on my mac’s progress in the diagnostic. i got a call after the logic board replacement did not solve the problem. then i got a call 14 hours later confirming what we always suspected – it’s the RAM’s fault. and i had a call on my home answering machine from a nice mac tech who tried to help last week before i went to the genius bar, to see how things were going. i have a feeling the mac army traced my last post, connected the dots to my laptop, and went all out to make me happy. riiight???

all good now – the mac’s on my lap, and it has not crashed since i picked it up yesterday. i am not doing the victory dance, but one can be hopeful. (note to mac army – i am not yet totally won over again – send free stuff).

and not having a laptop over the w-e was surprisingly ok. there was barely time to write. what with all the eating – mexican, indian, kosher, dim sum ( odd man out anyone?) – visiting of centenary grandmothers (that’s where the kosher lunch comes in), ambling through cheese halls ( and watching of movies with 5 year old niece-in-law (nim’s island, rather insipid, but she liked it), i barely had time to wash my hair.

may i urge you, dear reader, not to miss a meal at yank sing next time you are in san francisco. plan a trip to SF for that purpose. short of going to shanghai, i assume this the best you’ll get (with the added advantage of being able to order a diet coke en anglais). we spent 2 hours eating one cart-delivered delicacy after another, and after a brief 20 minute respite (during which i licked the syrup off my hands from a sweet red beans paste filled sesame ball that burst when i bit into it. i apologize for the visual, but food is my porn and it was sooo yum), i was ready to start anew. alas, they close early, so get there at 11 and make the most of those 4 hours…

in the thick of it

it was so good, i couldn’t stop eating and taking pictures of it all. more below (it’s 9 a.m. and all i want for b-fast is what you see here…)

my fave

hungry yet?


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