sometimes it rains

but not today. today is a GOR-geous spring day. it’s moderately warm, the sky is blue, the clouds in the sky are the kind that inspired magritte.

and really, when i think of oregon , rain is not the first thing that comes to mind.. i think of the smell of green, i think of lush trees and clean clean air, i think of wide spaces and unhampered walks in the fields. i also think of grungy-hip portland and its fabulous restaurants, of my favorite vintage store and gallery, of saint cupcake (they can express-mail you the best cupcakes in the world now – DO NOT hesitate, this will be money well spent). i think of the shins, helio sequence and gus van sant who call it home, and of all the wonderful winemakers and friends i have made here over the last couple of years.

so when i read blogs that trash this place because it rains too much, because the rain makes everything so boooring, because there’s nothing fun to do here (really? what about the aladdin, a million miles of hiking trails IN THE CITY, tons of weekly farmers markets, u pick marionberries, cannon beach, oh and did i mention the best pinot noir this side of burgundy), my instinctive reaction is : oh you stupid git.

maybe i should send this person some cupcakes. methinks he just hasn’t enjoyed the full glory of what is oregon yet, bc surely if he indulged in a weekly ration of toasted coconut mini cupcakes, he’d realize how misguided his complaints are.


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