off for the w-e sans laptop. i may be the first person ever to have some regrets reservations about my recent switch to mac.

i wasn’t enamored of my ibm/sony vaio/dell inspiron or the crappy, unstable systems they relied on, but nothing compares to the grief my mac book has given me. constant kernel panic attacks (those don’t exist in PC world), and so far, no solution. the mac genuises (or is it genii?) are lovely, über-hip and at least the music at the mac bar is cool, but honestly, i just want a laptop that works and can come to the bay area with me, which is where i am headed to this w-e.

yep – i am headed the world’s best dim sum and 48 hours with the world’s coolest and nicest in-laws (lovely PB and i – we’re not hitched- but you know what i mean).

will keep notes in the traditional way (in a spiral bound notebook).


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  1. I think the Mac fanboys have spiders patrolling the web looking for negative comments so I suspect your traffic is about to explode (in eery sense of the word)

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