hair bands are back!

and i don’t mean the kind that hold your hair back when you wash your face, but jon bon jovi look.  i know this bc saturday night at a favorite sushi spot in west LA with my v hip friend D, where we sat at the sushi bar and swallowed ginormous slabs of uni, a threesome arrived that surprised us more than than the trash talking, tattoo covered make-up artist sitting next to us.

they all had long hair, one was blond (she) the two hes had darker hair, but one of them definitely had professionally dyed blod streaks in it.  everyone had spent significant amounts of time straightening the hair, and lifting the roots off the scalp to give it volume (you know?).

she was wearing a stevie nicks-ish kinda long black skirt, they wore new jeans with lots of metal and many strategically placed holes.  all three wore pointy boots (hers had a slightly higher heel), and they all had tight fringy leather jackets.  there was smudged kohl around the eyes.  there was a lot of hair flinging. there was some noise walking tot he loo (all that metal and leather is not discreet).  it was all very entertaining.

and these were not leftovers from the 80’s. these people where barely 30, if at all.  so while i’ve been listening to oregon alt radio, and assumed the the white stripes were as extreme as it got (i love you meg&jack!),  i completely missed the revival of the poison and white snake aesthetic.  ROCK ON! (insert pinky & index finger hand gesture here)


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2 responses to “hair bands are back!

  1. Kat

    Hi, I just found your blog via dooce and you’re so right. I love when old trends make a come back…unless that old trend is “skinny jeans” and “stretch pants”, then…not so much.


  2. galainoregon

    so true! no skinny pants. ever!

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