imitation is the greatest form of flattery

if you who don’t know who slavo zizek is, you are probably not an educator in the humanities, and therefore probably lucky. if you do know who he is, you will appreciate the fact that at the “research” institution at which i teach (when i am not on sabbatical in oregon), at a recent conference on how consumption is consuming us (or something like that), the old-school communist intelligentsia on campus apparently all affected zizek’s slovak/global english accent and cadence, and attempted, vainly, to impress with extreme opinions on irrelevant stuff.

thing is, if you are going to be an intellectual provocateur, you better have some flair, and some performing talent. and maybe be funny. i hesitate to admit it, but zizek’s pretty funny. my colleagues? not so much. but the other 2% are hiiiiiilarious, fabulous, wonderful, brilliant, and i am so lucky to have them as my friends.

i used to work in an industry where i couldn’t say that about 0.2% of the people i worked with. they weren’t funny either, although i did get paid a lot more. but i am not sorry. not one bit.


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