i am wearing them. my toes are painted ruby red, and i am almost sweating, it’s that hot. her royal highness is panting on the porch, relaxing with her belly and whole self sprawled in the sun, while i sip a minty lemonade, with my laptop on my lap, observing nature reveling in the 85 degree weather. ah yes, this is the life. i think i’ll go for a swim this afternoon, or a picnic for lunch, sitting in the shade of a tree. and i’ll sleep with the windows open, and let me hair dry in the wind, and do it all over again tomorrow.

happy april fool’s day!

i am actually wearing a turtleneck and a scarf and a cardigan, and socks. i blow-dried my hair to prevent frostbite of the follicle, and her highness is sprawled  in the one ray of sun that is shining into the living room. i’m ok with the weather an all that, but i am just fed up with my winter clothes, so for no other reason than fashion boredom, i need it to WARM THE HELL UP.

google has a funny april fool’s day novelty – and i still haven’t found the NYT gag… hints please.

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