was there any need for me to share my friday afternoon horror story? probably not, so to those of you who felt i unnecessarilly grossed myself and anyone else out, i beg your pardon.

much better to focus on pretty things, which is why i urge you to check these two cool scandinavian artists out:

camillaengman.com : dooce just blogged about her, but i had seen her work in a round-about way via the site of karin eriksson, whose tea-lights and other stuff you can see here:


if i could do nothing else in life than guarantee pretty living environments for everyone, i’d buy a lot of their stuff and paint everyone’s homes a warm white, and place flokati rugs in front of simple yet comfortable couches, and put daffodils in small glass vases, brew a nice cup of tea and eat ginger snap cookies. wouldn’t that be nice?


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